Central Okanagan Family Hub

Terms of Reference


Families are resilient, healthy and well connected within our community.


The Family Hub is a collaborative network that supports, informs and connects all families to the community.

Guiding Principles

  • Create a family-centred respectful environment that reflects a culture of caring
  • Provide a single point of access through supports information and referrals
  • Build capacity to access programs and services through information and linking to services
  • Increase connections and sense of belonging for all families
  • Ensure Aboriginal cultural safety
  • Collaborate with the community - integrated service delivery model
  • Continue to respond to community need
  • Steered by a leadership committee comprised of sector representatives
  • Our approach is holistic, inclusive and culturally sensitive

Roles and Responsibilities

The Hub Community Stakeholder meeting happens twice a year in fall and spring, where individuals and community members with a vested interested in the Family Hub (family service providers, businesses, and other community stakeholders), are presented with an update from the Hub and to provide updates on gaps and needs in the community for families with children.

Leadership Committee

Leadership Committee – The Leadership committee will consist of one representative from the Central Okanagan in the following areas:


It is the role and responsibility of the Leadership Committee to guide the Hub through development and governance. The committee will provide vision, policy development, direction, funding strategies and ongoing support to the Hub.


  • Membership will be reviewed annually.
  • Guests are welcome by invitation.
  • The Chair is chosen by consensus.


  • The Leadership Committee is a working group and will meet a minimum of bi-monthly or more frequently if required.
  • Minutes will be recorded for all meetings consisting of decisions and actions only.
  • It is the responsibility of the members to attend all meetings unless extenuating circumstances are present.
  • Members must declare a conflict of interest prior to the meeting or as the situation arises. Decisions on whether a member can participate in a discussion will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  • Members who have a conflict of interest in decisions and may directly profit from decisions will not participate in that discussion and/or decision.

Decision Making

The Hub will operate from a principle and practice of participant-centeredness. All decision making will have the family/child at its core. Decisions at the Committee level are derived through discussion and consensus. Without consensus, a democratic process will be implemented. If no agreement can be made effectively, the Chair may task a focus group to research the issue and make further recommendations.


Where any member wishes to raise and/or discuss confidential information, it is the responsibility of that member to advise other members that the information is to be treated as confidential.
Members agree not to divulge any and all confidential information.

Host Agency

KCR will be the host agency providing day-to-day operations for the Hub. This will include the direct administrative supervision of Hub staff and costs associated with operating this program including insurance and liability costs. KCR will be the signer of funding contracts and thereby ultimately responsible for contract obligations to be met. KCR will provide financial reporting to the Leadership Committee and funders for all signed contracts. KCR will hold a seat on the Leadership Committee.

Location Host

School District No.23 - SD No. 23, within Pearson Road Elementary School, is the 'Location Host' for the Hub. As a key partner, SD No. 23 will provide, in kind, space, custodial services, access to washrooms for staff and participants, means to enter the space during off-school hours, security, and other support for all operations of the Hub. SD No. 23 will hold a seat on the Leadership Committee.


All relevant communications regarding the Family Hub, including Committee meeting minutes, will be posted on CATCH website, www.catchcoalition.ca/hub